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nervous about starting a new job


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I am both excited an nervous to start a new job. It is exciting because I get to move back to my home state and be with family. The benefits and pay are good. Also I get to work with a more diverse population and the unit seems very interesting, very similar to what I do now. I think it will be very rewarding. And that is another primary factor I took the job.

The job I have now has an awesome team environment and excellent leadership. Not saying my new job dosen't, my new manager seems very caring and dedicated to the work that my new hospital is doing.

I just fear that my new coworkers might not like me or what if I don't learn fast enough? I hated orientation as a new nurse, but now I'm experienced, so I think it will be different.

Some coworkers on my current unit seem kind of mad and disappointed I am leaving. I did leave earlier than expected because there are so many positive factors about this new job. The hours are better too. I left a couple months earlier that I said because I felt the new job was an opportunity that might not come again for several months and what if my relative became sicker (I have a close relative who's health is declining). I feel like I may have hurt some feelings on my old unit.

I am also living in a place where people are so kind and accepting. I will miss that greatly. I'm not saying my new city is unfriendly, but in larger places, it tends to be a little more impersonal. I have been so sad these past few days, so much doubt and also hope for a new future. I would like to be able to turn my sadness into happiness for a new beginning. Thanks for listening. Any thoughts? I just have all these "what if's" and they are dragging me down.

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Good Luck on your new job! It's normal for you to be nervous and excited.. Starting something new can do that but it sounds great! I wouldn't be worried about the workers at your old job.. You have to do what's best for you. I am sure they will understand. Chin up and don't forget.. Life's too short... Eat dessert first!😜