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Hello! I have recently received my location about my preceptorship/practicum for the upcoming semester. I will be on a diabetic/renal floor. Does anybody have any advice for me about what to expect this semester given the location? I am really nervous about this because it is a big step for me. Also, any advice about how to be less nervous and more confident?? It's my last year in the nursing program and I am still super nervous. Thank you for any help!

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I am so nervous I have mine in my final semester which is next semester (this winter). I look forward to hearing how it goes. Im nervous about mmine and finding out where Ill be.

Being a new grad I was in your shoes not long ago. I don't think you'll ever completely get over some anxiety when going into an unfamiliar situation but with time you should realize the flow of the unit and what to expect from the patient population. Since you know you'll be on a diabetic/renal floor than I would suggest looking over those sections in your med-surg book. Your preceptor won't expect you to know everything but I have found that I am less anxious when I feel like I am prepared. Perhaps look over the action and duration of various types of insulin, signs/symptoms of hyper & hypoglycemia, refresh yourself about the different types of dialysis, go over patient assessment and what you would expect to be abnormal in a renal patient, go over lab values, etc. I don't have experience on a renal floor so I can't provide any specifics. Just know that it is 100% normal to be nervous. Being a nurse is dang tough, there is much to know, and people count on you to make them feel better. Use the knowledge you do have, realize it is okay to ask questions, and reference your nursing books for additional information.

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