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Hello everyone I am a new nursing student who is starting school next week!! The program I am getting into is very very competitive CUNY program and cut throat!! I have been a Veterinary technician for 3 years and attended vet tech school and know a good amount about the medical field. But decided to switch to human nursing instead :) People I speak to about the school tell me how incredibly hard my program(it is also one of the best in the area) is to stay in any mistake can cost you.. I'm very nervous what if i can't make it how would I go about continuing nursing school.. Thank you for any feedback sincerely a very nervous student lol

I'm also a vet tech turning nurse! I'm starting this semester too at TJU in Philly. Good luck to you! Will you still be working as a vet tech.

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It's perfectly normal to be nervous.....especially because of things people will tell you. Just keep in mind that it's all relative. People from all different walks of life enter nursing school. Don't get caught up in the whining....just keep your focus and take it one day at a time. You will be fine :)Good luck!!

Thank you for the encouragement !!! And yes I will be working PT as a tech and PT at another job so it doesn't interfere with my school.. Thank you and good luck to you as well :)

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