Nervous for Fundamentals of Nursing Class...any tips?


I was just accepted into a program and I start in August. I'm super nervous for my Fundamentals of Nursing class because I've heard mixed things and I know quite a few people who barely passed. Any tips/experiences you want to share would help me a ton! Thanks


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That class wasn't bad, It's a lot of work though. Stay focus and study hard.


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My biggest tip for you is to stay on top of it. Do not wait till the last minute to study, study along the way! Also, get used to nursing styled questions. They are different than any other exam you have probably taken. Also, take it seriously. You will be using these skills on real people.

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Totally recommend you start learning how to assess a patient -- where to assess and what to look/hear for. Get a good stethoscope (SERIOUSLY). Practice NCLEX styled questions.

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I don't recommend studying ahead. You will learn things like how to assess a patient in the way that your program intends for you to learn them, over time. Do some NCLEX style questions to get your head in the game, but do not get into the weeds trying to self-study. Let the program do its job.