Nervous about my first clinicals!


Help! I am so nervous about my first LPN clinical at the nursing home in 2 days! We had orientation last Wednesday, but we literally just watched videos in the break room for 3 hours and then left. The videos didn't even cover documentation, which is what I am gonna have to be doing come first thing Monday morning! I am very overwhelmed about the whole documentation procedure. I just need a plan on how to go about it. When I walk into my patients room do I first take vitals, document, health history, document, physical assessment, document, etc? (I have never worked in a medical setting before so I am completely lost and overwhelmed!) Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! :)

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First off... Deep breath! It will be fine and you will be fine! First things first, initial assessment -- is patient in any distress? No then continue into vitals and do your head to toe... Make simple notes to document later.. Because this is the beginning u have a looooong way to go before u do hard core documenting... Most of your paperwork will be @ home creating a care plan for your patient. You will start with the basics...nursing assistant work, ADL's and the like. You need to start from the beginning (ADL's) to get the whole picture!! GL.. And as long as you have a caring demeanor, you'll do great!! Oh and be nice to your instructor even if you don't like them ;)


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My advice is to take a deep breath. You will be fine. Every clinical is set up differently. Your clinical instructor will guide you. First thing you do with each patient is always the same - smile, introduce yourself, tell them what you will be doing. Everything takes time. You will be fine!

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You'll do just fine. If you're going to be working with patients there for the first time, just focus on a quick sick/not-sick assessment, then proceed to doing those vital signs and if that looks OK, do your head-to-toe. Take notes as you go along, where you can, to remind you of your findings.

The hard work really will come as you begin/update your care plan based on your findings. That's what takes a while and is when you'll need the notes to refer to. Documentation-wise, you should be eased into it as you're not likely going to be expected to be perfect at charting right away. I'd even venture that you will probably end up writing a draft and having your instructor go over it with you before you put it in the cart.


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Thank you all very much for your feedback! I am definitely just gonna try and relax. The advice helped calm my nerves! :)