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Im a head nurse in the NICU Department. Im having a hard time thinking of projects for our department that doesn't require the hospital to invest.:( Our admins wants us to think of projects that will increase our income and help the department "grow". I've tried researching on various sites and I'm getting frustrated. I hope you guys can help me, because I dont want to be a disappointment to my colleagues. I already tried submitting proposals but it was rejected. I feel hopeless.:/

Wow, that's a lot of pressure. Hopefully you will find some good ideas. How about asking you employees to brainstorm a few ways ? They may have some ideas or they can bring from other/past places of employment.

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Increase your income how? I work at a county hospital and we are so under reimbursed it isn't funny, but we can't do anything about it. It isn't like L/D were you can spice it up and advertise "Come here". People kinda end up here. I take it they are trying to get more private insurance payors to your place. We have done small snippets for a larger commercial that was put on you tube. We redid our page on the hospital website. I don't envy you this job, good luck!

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Maybe focus on cost saving measures, or waste reduction? Such as researching and changing your tubing change guidelines? Tracking supplies or creating "admission packs" to reduce the typical armload of supplies the nurse usually leaves the stockroom with? Just a few ideas...

I think that the only way your department can "grow", is by reputation. What is your reputation? Are you the NICU that I would choose for my baby? As a mother who has been in a NICU with my two babies, I would say that most parents don't research a NICU before birth. I had no idea that I would require a NICU for my first child and when given the decision, I went with reputation. What do you do to build reputation? Do you keep in contact with your NICU success stories? NICU picnics? NICU open house? Reputation will grow when you are the NICU that has people that care! Do you send out birthday cards to your NICU graduates? Little things like that go a long way. It sounds corny, but a NICU mom wants to know that you think her baby is special. Good luck, what a hard job you have!

You might try communicating with any smaller hospitals that deliver but don't have NICUs to make sure that your hospital is the top choice for any transfers. You can see what could be done to facilitate transfers to your hospital.

I agree with asking your staff. Employee turnover is expensive. Staff members may be able to come up with ways to enhance employee satisfaction, if that is an issue.

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Thank you for the positive insights! The projects that I have discussed with are from the staff too :( We've placed a lot of effort when we did the plans, but still was not good enough for the management. Our deliveries are just about 10-20 a month. Mothers are opting out to deliver at home or in primary care institutions. The only "project" that I can think of that we are doing is improving breastfeeding practices in the area and wards.. However, our efforts are not given the credit... unless we either increase deliveries or have additional charges to patients(that I am not in favor of).

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I definitely agree with the reputation of our unit. Fortunately, patients are delighted and more than happy with what are giving them.

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