Negotiating for salary as new grad-- need some advice


Ok-- let me set up the scenario. I have a hospital where I'd like to work. I just interviewed and it went well. Overall on all benefits the hospital I like (I'll call it #1) is below another competitor in the city (#2- which is a for-profit). I'm ok with my benefits being a little off but i'm really having trouble with how far off in salary they are compared to #2-- try over 10,000 off base pay. I've calculated it all out-- the shift diff, the bonus... I've compared everything.. everything!

So I was trying to be ok with that-telling myself I won't even notice - then come to find out-- hospital #1 is actually hiring in their grads at about 5.00 more an hour which of course puts the salary closer to the other hospital. How do I make the arguement that my education is no less important to thier's + I'm not a complete outsider since I did work there before. I did not interview at their program as things were already set in motion at another school when they FINALLY offered me an interview and then of course there was no promise-I don't regret my decision about my choice of schools. I'm not chasing the almighty dollar-as I would just stay at my current training and get experience and go do locums. I trying to come back to this area to put down some roots-- I mean heck I could be coming back there forever and ever amen!

So why do I want to be at #1: teaching hospital for medical and nurse anesthesia, more tech advanced, it's just a feeling of where I'm suppose to be.

Making it worse-- all my negotiations are through HR only.

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My bad! I didn't see this was in the CRNA forum and thought it was a new nurse thinking he/she should consider negotiating. If you read it before I deleted it please disregard and don't hurt me.:lol_hitti


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Negotiating for a salary if you are a hospital employee is difficult as best. The hospital pays what the hospital pay scales says it can pay. These salaries are updated by the hospitals to insure no one in the area is paying more than anyone else.. It is how RN salaries are determined for the most part as well. The compensation comittee of the hospital is usually staffed by some RNs from mgmt who knows nothing of your worth... and HR people who want to keep costs down. Hospital will actually do a survey of nearby institutions to make sure they are not overpaying. How this is not illegal is beyond me. As a hospital employee you will be trated as every other nurse is usually treated..and hospitals are not known to treat nurses of any speciality as adults.. traditionally its a VERY maternalistic culture.

If you want to negotiate a bit on salary ,I would suggest you look into any private practice anesthesia groups in the area..Not only will you probably make more.. you will be valued as as asset and not just another nurse employee.

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