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Negotiating Pay in the Outpatient Environment


I've seen a lot of questions regarding negotiating pay within a hospital system, but what about in the ambulatory/outpatient sector? Is this something that is typically done, or do most people just accept the offer immediately?

I must admit that I am out of my depth when it comes to salary negotiations, and have quite literally never done it in my life. My fear is that I could unintentionally appear ungrateful for the opportunity, or god forbid, have the offer rescinded. I don't want to start a new job on the wrong foot, looking like I'm greedy and money hungry, but I don't think it's unfair to ask for another $2-3/hour either.

If it came down to it, and I either had to take their initial offer or stay in my current job, I would take their initial offer in a heartbeat, but does that mean that I shouldn't still try to negotiate?

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Nursing is probably the only health profession where we doubt our worth, agreeably work for less than we should, and feel guilty or concerned about even advocating for ourselves. It's a real shame. (<I don't mean that in a bad way about you personally whatsoever. It's just sad that nurses are so undervalued that this is even a concern!)

I don't think requesting $2-3 more per hour sounds greedy or money hungry. That's asking for $4,000-6,000 more per year, which is pretty reasonable. If they would rescind your offer for this request, rather than just accept/decline it, then it's not a place you want to work. I imagine the worst you'll hear is "no" or maybe a compromise offer for $1-1.50 more per hour. Beats nothing, and worth trying!