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Needle stick 28 weeks pregnant

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Hi everyone have not posted before but I stuck my self with a 20 gauge dirty needle and I am 28 weeks pregnant I called my one manager and she had the nerve to ask if I even wanted to report it. I may been dumb to get stuck but I am not dumb enough not to report it . Went to Er and did the proper steps and now on the drug cocktail . Then my other manager has the nerve to say we will see the pt next week and get the consent form signed. It's a joke I am so am mad Especially b/c they are not taking this seriously . Also in home care we don't have complete histories at times so not sure about the pt past . Any one else stuck while

pregnant come out ok? Also any stuck while doing home health care

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This did not happen to me while pregnant or while working in hh, it happened when I was a student. Proper concern was shown and I obviously did ok. Can't offer any advice, except for you to take the attitude into consideration for the long haul. Hope this is not the start of a negative relationship with your supervisory personnel.