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I had a needlestick injury about 2 months ago and started the follow up plan with ny hospital but ended up starting a new job at a different hospital. Now that its been a little while I decided to follow up with my old hospital's employee health nurse. I got a msg from her stating that since I don't work there anylonger that its not their problem and its ny responsibility from here on out. Does the OSHA regulation cover employees that were injured on the job but no longer work for them?

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Were you "current" on their treatment plan at the time you left your job? Did you notify employee health of your upcoming job change and arrange to continue your treatment plan?


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I was current... She had told me that she would contact more in six weeks for an update. But my job change and move occurred pretty quickly, I didn't make a plan with her. I was attempting to contact her in order to do that but I'm not sure if it's possible anymore.

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As long as you have been compliant with your plan of care, I don't believe they can pass you off.

Since you don't have forever to get an answer to your question, I would recommend contacting OSHA. I believe you can google a hotline number.

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I think it would still be the original hospital's responsibility to follow up. I had a blood exposure once (large amount of blood in my eyes/nose while working at a blood bank). I started the exposure protocol immediately, and was able to follow up with the labs once I quit. No questions asked. Sounds like the employee health person doesn't want to do the job.


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I would love to hear what you find out, please update with an answer...