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Hiya everyone,

I went down to the health department today to get my TB test done. No problem, it didn't hurt a bit, nothing like I was expecting (I'm a little sore *now*, though). Anyhoo, I have a terrible needle phobia of my own -- I can watch other people get pricked, and I have no doubt I'll be able to do the poking, just something about it being done to me, particularly if it involves my blood.

So TB tests don't involve blood, so I didn't think to take any of my usual precautions, such as eating beforehand to avoid fainting. My mistake! I happened to catch a glimpse of my arm after she was done, and there was a *drop* of blood. I lost it. :o I had to sit down with my head between my legs and everything and came >this close

Anyone have advice for getting past this? I always try not to look and I'm usually fine. Next week I'm scheduled to have blood drawn for the MMR titers, and I hope to be ready for that! :p

Krista 'needle phobe' patients always breathe a sigh of relief when I tell 'em I'm a big wussie, too...


When it comes down to poking eachother, you are usually at a point where you know your classmates very well. There is the expectation that if you are going to learn on someone else that you will allow someone else to learn on you. However, some people absolutely can not deal with being stuck, and I am sure that no one will want you to pass out in class. When we practiced injections and IV's, people that had serious problems with needles were up front about it and there was usually a friend that did not mind needles so much and was willing to be practiced on by two people to balance things out. I volunteered for a few additional injections/venipunctures, the fewer people that have to be picked up off the floor the better. Just be upfront with your peers and instructors.

P.S. don't feel bad if you do get sick or pass out. For venipuncture in particular, there were a few people that had never had a problem before and still did....It happens.

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