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Needing Temporary Health Insurance Coverage while in Between travel assignments

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Hi All,

I recently took a COVID travel assignment in NYC that was cancelled early. I was working as a staff nurse at a facility prior to taking the contract. I'm now back at my old job, thankfully able to get my hours working PRN shifts, however by taking the short travel assignment, I lost my health insurance coverage with my facility and because I'm not currently on assignment with the agency, I no longer am able to receive health insurance coverage through them. I'm only looking to find short term health insurance coverage only for a few months until I start looking for another travel assignment in a few months (as I will be taking a cross country motorcycle trip for a few weeks after my scheduled PRN shifts...checking off one of my bucket list boxes and yes, I know motorcycles are dangerous but to each is own). I looked online for health insurance coverage and now my phone rings multiple times a day with random numbers. Some of these numbers are people stating they're "licensed health insurance advisors". I was wondering if anyone has any advice, or if one of these insurance advisors can help, or recommendations on what would be my best option at this point until I'm able to find the next travel assignment and get insurance coverage via the agency? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Depending on the time frame that you left your staff job, you may be eligible for COBRA coverage. You have up to 60 to elect this coverage, more if your employer did not send you a letter advising you of this option.

However, you will find it very expensive even though you are paying the actual cost the hospital is paying (plus a small service fee). Normally the true cost is hidden. You can also look up your cost for decent Obamacare insurance on your state exchange, or if your state doesn't have one, the federal exchange. Not really much point in talking to private insurance agents unless you want to buy emergency coverage policies only.


Specializes in PACU/ED. Has 11 years experience.

Thanks, NedRN! I appreciate the response. I know how ridiculously expensive COBRA is, so probably not going to go that route. Temporary, emergency coverage is basically what I need but getting bombarded by calls from private insurance agents all day just makes me not want to pick up the phone. 🙄