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Hello, Are there any ideas on where to find out about whether males prefer to work in rural or urban areas? There is info on male nurses and their numbers (how many graduate as nurses in 2000,2001 etc), but when it comes to rural vs urban everyone gets lumped into the same category!? Their has to be individual ideas of why they choose one over the other!? It probably boils down to preference but I wonder if it also has to do with age and experience?? Maybe the male nurses that just graduated would find (or think) rural nursing is not as exciting as urban, where a more experienced male nurse would maybe like the versatility(being involved in more than one area or floor) more?! I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this. But I have a group project on men in nursing, and I think their preferences are an important part of why they choose to work in the areas they do! Hope that I can get some insight into this!!!!


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Can't say I can answer your question, but from what I've noticed during my training etc, most male nurses are found in urban centres. Not sure why though.

Good luck on your project!


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Actually I see more men in those areas that promote more autonomy such are ER, ICU, OR. I see many men who are attracted to those areas such as outpost nursing where they are autonomous also. Not sure where you could find statistics though. Have you tried the CNA (Canadian Nurses Association)??

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