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FLA Nurses: I need some info FAST! I'm licensed in FLA as RN but haven't worked here yet. For purposes of child support issues in another state, I need IN WRITING some info on Fla nurses salaries, to show what I would be making if I were working as an RN. (Experience specifics: hands-on delivey of care in either pediatrics and/or home health; 10 plus yrs. exp., hospital or hlth dept or home care) No employer has yet been willing to give me any written info on this, just verbal quotes. Either a pay scale from a specific institution would work; or some data on average "FLA"nsg salaries. I need this ASAP for a Court Hearing on 3/28 with ex-husb to support my son!!!! PLEASE HELP! Can anyone fax me anything or refer me to a website?? THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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Hi: Check out the web site or www.oeshome.htm and click on employment statistics. The info given for Fl states that the median salarie according to 1998 stats was $18.90 hr, mean salarie 1998 was $20.01 with a mean annual salary 1998 of $41,630. I worked in Fl in 1997 and my starting salary was $17.50 base with 30+ years experience. Shift work, specialties etc will add to the salary. I am a travel nurse and recently worked in Naples Fl and one of the nurses there was making 24.00 per hour day shift but she had been at that hospital 10 years and was capped out. Hope this helps. Good luck [email protected]

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