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Need to work in Hospitals who have CRNA's?

If anyone has some advice or their opinion about my question it would be greatly appreciated! I am currently working in an ICU at a hospital that does not employee CRNA's/allow them to practice. I have considered trying to shadow an MDA but the hospital's MDA group makes it very clear in their FAQ about surgery that "only full trained physcian anesthesiologists will be admistering anesthesia and monitoring you medically"--I am not so sure how friendly they would be.

A few months ago I shadowed a CRNA who was referred to me by one of my old nursing profs. and the experience was great. So I am wondering if it would really help me if I did work in a hospital that employed both CRNA's and MDA's. I also talked to a SRNA who worked in a hospital were CRNA's worked, and she said it was a great experience. As she was already an employee she shadowed CRNA's in the OR and one took her under his wing and even called an anesthesia program on her behalf. My shadow experience was good, but quite cumbersom trying to get into a facility were I did not work, and I wasn't able to build any kind of a relationship with the nurse anesthetist I shadowed in four or five hours. I am trying to figure out if it would be worth my while to go to another hospital with around the same level or even higher ICU so I could get to know some CRNAs. I would love some advice/opinions!

The requirement is ICU experience, if you are happy where you are right now, I would stay there.

It also depends on how long you have already been where you are. Managers do not take lightly to someone that only comes for a few months and then wants a letter to move on, in many cases.

And also check out the requirements of the schools that you will be applying to, possibly speak with a few of their students, they can give you a better idea.

I just asked this same question to a friend of mine that is here right now and in anesthesia school. She also said that it will depend on the program where you are applying to as each has their own requirements. Some want letters of reference from the Director of your original nursing program, some actually from an anesthesiologist, some from your nurse manager, as well as professors during school. She also suggested that you check with the programs that you are interested in. The other thing that she also stated, as I usually do, that they look hard at CVICU experience with hemo-dynamic monitoring. If you were going to change hospitals I would look for that type of experience, usually whether or not there is a CRNA program at the facility is not an issue.

Good luck.

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