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Ok so here's my situation.. I'm almost going to be 20 years old and well now I realize that I want to be a nurse and I don't have any clue where to start.. I previously have 1 year of college under my belt, but at the moment i'm not attending for financial reasons.. and I don't have a job at the moment either, however I have some hotel experience in working with people and helping them and ultimately I want to have a positive impact on others as well, but this experience probably won't qualify for anything related for a medical job at the moment. First off, I do realize that I need to get back to school and I am looking towards going back this winter while hopefully working somewhere as well in order to pursue this nursing career which I really want to do. Basically I'm starting from scratch and i'm located here in northern california. Any advice of where to begin while not being in college at the moment? I feel as if i'm almost "stuck" and unsure of what it is I need to do to secure me a job in the medical field.

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The best place to start is at your local nursing school. Speak to a counseler, find out what courses to take. There's more than likely pre-req courses you need to get in, and more than likely a waiting list.

Congrats and best wishes in pursuing your goals!

I'll definitely look into that =), thank you!


Well, here are some things you could do...

1) Start CNA classes.

2) Volunteer or work in a hospital setting/nursing home. Maybe look in the classifieds/job sections to see if any opportunities are available.

3) Start Pre-reqs at a local college.

4) Apply for student loans (Stafford) because you don't have to pay them back until you are done, and this may help your "financial situation". Or apply for grants that you don't have to pay back at all.

5) Job shadow a nurse on his/her shift, in different areas of the hospital (med-surg, OB, ICU, NICU, Burn unit, Psych) this way you can see if you really like it or which area you might like the best.

6) Find out the requirements for the nursing program you are interested in and talk to the program chair.

Well, I guess one or a couple of those would be a start....


Thanks for the step by step info there!! very helpful, alright well I definitely got on it and am making some progress, i'm trying to register to a nearby community college for late registration classes at the moment.. Hopefully I still will be able to get in and take some courses, because I don't want to delay any longer and there is still quite a bit to do in the enrollment kinda crossing my fingers at this point..thanks again for all the information, you guys are great!

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