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Need titers for school


I am starting the LPN program at OCC in January and will need to get my titers and physical done soon. I checked with my insurance company and it does not sound like they are going to pay for my physical or for the titers. Can anyone recommend a place to go and tell me how much I should be paying for this? Thanks in advance~

Call the St. Clair County Health Department - I spoke to them about a month ago and MMR/Varilcella/Hep B titers were around $65 for all (it is not necessary to live in St. Clair County either). Hope this helps :)

Thank you, it does help. I live in Oakland county, but the drive might be worth it for me.


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Hey, I called "Detroit Bio Medical Lab in Farmington Hills" between 11/12 mile

It costs $51 to get Chicken pox titer.

I am not sure I want to get vaccination but it costs 100/dose at St. Clair health department and we need 2 doses. Oakland health department do not have it available for adult.

I checked local traveler's clinics that health department gave me their phone numbers. And they said the 1 dose costs $125 + $25 clinic fee.... That's way too expensive.

I might get titer since I had chicken pox back when I was in high school. Hopefully, I have immuse!


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ok this one does for $20 for varicella titer

Midwest Health Center P.C

5050 Schaefer

Dearborn, MI 48126

Phone:(313) 581-2600

Fax:(313) 581-0228

thanks, I had chicken pox as well and will be furious if I have to get a vaccine for something I will never get again anyway. I have been exposed to it by my own children and that is proof enough that I am immune.

What about all the other titers we have to get? I know I had the immunizations when I was a child but I still need to find a place to get titers for those.


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I just need the chicken pox.

I have a prove of immunization on 2004 of the MMR.

So my doctor said they are good for ten years. Thanks for that.

I might go to the midwest if I can't find any closer.

I tried to call st John on 10 mile but I didn't get to talk with the nurse there.

Someone said it's only $20 there. I hope it is. It's closer and cheaper.

I have most important thing done so far.

Just 1. Chicken pox titer and hope I don't have to get vaccination.

2. Hepatitis B

3. Prove of insurance.

I have an appointment next week at providence to get the physical, varicella, and mmr titer for about $130ish. Hope I am getting a decent deal.