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:confused: :confused: :confused: HELP!!! I have tried and tried to copy and paste excerpts from posts and cannot figure it out. I'd like to keep an online folder of some of the wonderful things you all say, also. Anyone out there willing to help? I have only been using a computer for 2 months so I'm still developmentally challenged! THANKS!


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Not clear what you mean by an online folder.

The easiest way to save this kind of data is to highlight it, right click to copy it, the paste it into a wordprocessing document you maintain on your computer for that purpose. (Sometimes you have to have both "to" and "from" documents open at the same time in order for this to work.) At least that is how I do it.

If that doesn't answer you question, then you need to specify your operating system and wordprocessing program, so someone can answer you more specifically.


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Thank you! I guess online folder isn't what I meant. I would like to save it under "my documents" I have an HP pavilion with windowsxp. Obviosly, have not got it figured out yet. Thanks again for your reply:imbar


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Just highlight what you want to paste and right click. Click copy and then go to your documents and open one. Click edit and paste. That should do it.


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I'd also pick up a copy of "Windows XP for Dummies." Everything you need to know about cutting, copying, and pasting, etc. you'll find there. As I mentioned above, however, you often have to have BOTH documents open at the same time (minimized in turn) for this to work in Windows XP, for reasons that escape me. This program does not seem to be able to remember what you have cut or copied after you close the original document. It worked better in Windows 98, as did a number of other things.

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