need to talk to someone who is a rose state college nursing student


I am in my first year of pre reqs. If i continue to do what i am doing i should be done with my pre reqs by next summer which means i should be able to apply for their spring admission. I am working really hard at it and hope to at least get A-B's. I figured it up and if i do what i plan to do i should have anywhere between 126-128 points. If i get a C on anything or my grade point average doesn't stay where i need it to stay then i will drop to 121-120. So my questions are.

if i get the 126-128 what are my odds of getting in? And how do you raise your points if you have completed everything you are suppose to?

And i attended college once before (10 years ago) my gpa was only a 2.4 I didn't give a lick about it and i dropped out. however they transfered my GPA. So what i am worried about is if the nursing program itself will combine my 2.4 i already have with whatever GPA i get while taking classes there. If so, i am screwed. :mad:I will never be able to take that 2.4 and bump it up to where i want it, in the time frame i have to complete this all in. If not i am ok. :lol2:I have to have my education done by 2013. We are moving out of Oklahoma then and it just has to be done. No ifs ands or butts.

Thank you for any help, advice you give me. Good luck to all.


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Hi, I'm guessing you've checked Rose States point system calculations to figure your points. If not I'll post the link and it is almost all the way at the bottom of the file. I'm in my third semester at Rose and was originally accepted with 131 points, which I think was the cutoff that year. It is hard to say, because it is all determined by who is applying. If the majority of the peopl are applying with the same amount of points as you or less, then your chances are pretty good. Some years you need more points...others maybe less to get in. You have to have a minimum of a 2.0 on prereqs to be accepted, so you are okay with a 2.4. However, you also get points for your gpa. A 2.4 - 2.7 only gets you 15 pts, whereas a 3.6 - 4.0 will get you 40 pts. As you can see, based on who as what when applying will justify entrance chances. Hope that helps. Don't hesitate to contact the nursing department if you have any questions. They are very helpful.


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hey airforcewife,

I just started the nursing program at rose and like you I did also have previous college credit, that was not in my favor. Luckily, for the GPA calculation for the points, the only classes they look at are prereqs for the program.

The cutoff this year was 131 again, but it does vary from semester to semester. I know that personally, I got the most points by taking the compass test as many times as I had to, until I got the max points from it. I think you can take it up to 2 times per semester.

Hope that helps.


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Take the COMPASS, study the area with lower scores (even use a free tutor) and then retest. You can also do a CNA program through a vo-tech (I did) and that will give you an extra 6 points. My GPA was 3.8. I will tell you , I loved Chambers for A&P. Feel free to eamil me if you have any questions...


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I suggest you find another school. I've been going to rose state for two years and am done with all my pre-reqs. I did well on the compass and have maintained a 4.0 for 3 semesters. But I can't get into the nursing program. I have 128 points. I haven't been a Cna or a paramedic and I don't live in Midwest city so those extra points are out if my reach. When I first started, they said I needed 95 points to apply. No one bothered to tell me that you really need at least 130 to get in. Even if I had gotten in for spring, I could have spent the same amount of time and gotten a BSN. I am a single mother with 4 kids and I'm taking classes I don't even need because I had this dream that I would get in and I'd finally be the nurse I've always wanted to be. Now I have no future. I feel scammed. I did what I was supposed to do. Rose state hasn't. I feel betrayed and like a total fool.


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I am so sorry you haven't gotten in. The only way I managed to get in was to go to moore norman vo tech and get my cna license. Maybe you could do that during Christmas break? IT is a work at your own pace program and can be completed in 3-4 weeks (Including lab and clinical time). You would be done in time to apply next feb-march. ANother opition would be go through metro tech for your LPN then transfer back. iT was a struggle to get in.. I have 3 kids (one is two). OUr clinic time sees to be changing.not too happy about that:banghead:. I Wish you the bes of luck and hope you hang in there and complete a nursing degree. :clpty:


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I am in the nursing program (second semester) at Rose. It is really tough, and the waiting to find out is THE WORST, I am so sorry you did not get in. Keep trying, but you will have to get the points up. I think the minimum last semester was 132, it does vary every semester. I had a 3.6 GPA and NO clinical experience so I do understand your frustration, and I worried I would not get in, but you should get the points for MWC because you had 15 credits at Rose, and if you took your CPR class, there's another point, I suggest that you score perfectly on the compass (if say your reading is the high score it is good for 3 years, just work on the others- w a 3.0 it shouldn't be too hard to get your points up. YOU CAN DO IT! Best of luck

Hello everyone!!

I just want to let people know of certain changes that have been made at Rose State College. All of the points you have acquired has changed. I applied to the nursing program last February with 126 points and a 3.735 GPA. I didn't get accepted. The cutoff was 133 points with a 3.8 GPA. However, I took the CPR class for the extra point, and in June 2012 I was notified that if I take the CNA course, I would get an extra 6 points toward the nursing program. So I did exactly that. I got certified and that with the CPR should have given me the extra 7 points to become very close to program acceptance. Well 2 days after I got certified I found out that the 6 points were no longer worth 6, but only worth 4 points. I'm furious. Last semester the Anatomy and Physiology was worth 10 points, the Microbiology was worth 10 points and everything else was worth 2 points per class. eg. comp I, comp II, history, etc.... Well they have now cut all the points in half and added a Chemistry class and seperate A&P for points. Last semester I was done with ALL my prereq's to the nursing program so I took some guitar, piano classes because I had nothing else to take to get accepted into their program. NOW I have only 114 points with 146 points available. So can someone tell me how this is right to do to the students who have been working extremely hard for the last 3 years to get enough points to gain acceptance into the nursing program??? I would think that I (WE) would be grandfathered in, but this is not the case. I just want to warn people before you go enroll in this school, that the minimum requirements will NEVER get you accepted, the compass test scores are NOT just a placement test, they are part of the points to get accepted. If you don't have almost perfect scores, you will NEVER be accepted. also, if you are not a straight A student, and you have some B's or C's on your transcript, you can forget being accepted. These are the things they fail to tell you when you enroll at this school. I'm not writing this for me, but for all the people who are trying to better their lives with an RN degree. I just enrolled into a different school where everything was laid out in an honest manner. I have many friends who are in the same boat I am, they have been working to get points for the past 2-3 years only to have them robbed from them. I have no other complaints of the school, the teachers have been good and the staff has been very friendly and helpful, especially in the student success center, but the actual Nursing Director had a very SMUG attitude when I questioned her about my points. I'm very disappointed in the integrity of the school at this point. I just hope this will help the next victim make an informed decision before enrolling into this institution. Thanks for reading!!


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If your major was declared nursing science before they made the changes then you maybe in luck. Usually once you declare your you take classes according to your degree sheet for that specific academic year. Im not sure if that's the case since you have to apply to the program and are awarded points based on completion of said classes. Talk to an advisor before you completely freak out! I hope everything works in your favor.


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The part I dont think is fair is that now they will give you points for Human Physiology and

Chemistry but they aren't required to graduate!!! I'd rather not waste money on classes that aren't required for graduation!!

@ LovelyOverload..... I did talk to the director but it all went south very quickly when she told me the "new" point system was in place and I WILL follow the the new point system. I guess that's just the way they do things. I have talked to other schools and Universities, they were shocked that Rose State wouldn't grandfather me in since I have been going there consistantly without interruption. The University I plan on going to told me that if and when there's ever a change made to the program, the current students will always be grandfathered in.

@ AmberNicOLe.... I couldn't agree more!! It would have been professional of them to notify the students at LEAST a semester ahead of time to make a decision to either stay with this institution or find another that fits our needs accordingly. I can certainly understand if they want to make some changes to the program, and even applaude their decision to make it better for future students, but I CANNOT agree with the tactics they used against the current students who have followed the degree plan for the last 2-3 years to get where we need to be.


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I was thinking about going to RSC before I go to OU and I noticed that those requirements i.e. chem, med term, separate anatomy are for points. It states:

"PLEASE NOTE THAT PROGRAM COURSE REQUIREMENTS HAVE NOT CHANGED! The courses added to the list for course completion points, e.g. Chemistry, separate Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology, are NOT currently required for completion of program requirements and graduation but will add to points earned for admission if completed with a grade of “C” or better at time of application."

You don't have to retake the course however you will benefits points wise to have them. If you are still interested in going to RSC then you can still apply. It seems like these classes will be a required (wether it be for points or academia) at every college.