what do i need to do


hi every body im interested in enrolling in the lpn class in lindsey here in miami and dont know what to do before i enroll in the class i want to know if i need to do any test before i get inroll in the class and and do i have to pay before i enroll

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It would be a great idea to place a telephone call to this school so that you can speak to one of the admissions reps or counselors. They will be able to tell you exactly what to do before enrolling, including any entrance exams, tuition, and fees to pay. Good luck to you!


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I agree with above poster, calling your school of choice is the best thing to do considering that not all schools require the same things.

However, I can tell you what I had to do to get into my LPN class...

First I called my school and was told that I would either have to sumit my ACT score by x date or if I was over 20 would have to come in and take a COMPASS test to even be considered for orientation.

After I took the test and passed we were told that the 40 people with the highest scores would be invited to orientation.

In orientation we were given all of the paper work that we would need to complete before our interview date(which we signed up for at orientation). This paperwork included, high school transcripts, references, physical history, work history, an essay on why we want to be a Nurse, immunazations, and various papers to sign.

In the interview I had to answer: Why do you want to be a nurse, Do you have trasportation back and forth to school, Do you have a good support system at home, Do you know what an lpn does and explain, How do you handle stress, What would you do in certain situations, such as dealing with a combative patient, and more questions of that nature

After that I waited for 3 weeks for the teacher, Director of the program, and the board of nursing to decide my fate....Nursing is very competitive here and it's of the up-most importance that you do the best you can on your tests and in your interview because the competition is stiff.

I got a call Monday that I was in and recieved my acceptance letter today :)

No money is do in my program until the first day of school, but thankfully financial aid is covering all of my school.:rolleyes:

That's the process that I went through from start to finish.. As I said before every program is different and I have no Idea what you will need to do, but I hope my experience helps you out some, Good luck :redbeathe