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Just got back my final grade and it was a lovely D. I am so depressed. I did everything they needed me too and I still blew it. I am going to meet with a admin. tomorrow to see what happens to me now. I won't be kicked out of the program -which is good. I am so bummed out right now. I am still going to school in the spring to work on Chem. 1 and 2 another classes as well.

Just needed to express my depression tonight .

Thanks guys and gals.


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You can do this! I am positive many nursing students have gotten D's at one time or another. It seemed every semester I was worried about a test grade or a final grade.

There is something to learn from this...somewhere! Keep your head up, and stay focused. Be proud of yourself for all you have done so far.

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I'm sorry. Hang in there. Find out where and why you went wrong and work on improving. If you really want this you can do it! Good luck!

Beating yourself up over it isn't going to get you a passing grade.

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