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Hi ... I'm taking English 151 this summer... I have to write a research paper on anything I want. Since I am studying to be a nurse, I figured I would write about the Nursing Shortage..

My quesiton to you.. is does anybody know of really good articles studies... etc. that talk about the shortage and what are the contributing factors I have surfed the web and printed some articles out..... any other suggesstions would be helpful!


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B Matt,

Check out government studies on government websites. In researching the nursing profession I came across several gov. studies that explained the causes and possible solutions. Sorry I don't remember the specific sites, but I did locate them with search engines.

Good Luck,

SG Chris

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I would suggest checking to the johnson & johnson website. The page has articles relating to your topic and scholarship opportunies as well. Or even the nursing magazine websites like the following:

I hope this helps with your research. Good luck and happy typing.:cool:


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I did a similar type paper in school and I tapped the resources at the hospitals.....I called and did phone interviews with the nursing recruiters at the two local hospitals and also did an interview with the director of our schools program.........Got an A and learned some interesting stuff as well........I also looked in nursing magazines that the campus kept for articles on it.......

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Thanks for your speedy replies! I will be exploring all your suggestions!


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Many topic threads can be found here by performing a search---click on blue search button above located opposite logo above.

Search for Nursing Shortage found these threads:

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NRSKarenRN Thank you so much! I checked out the link.... there is a lot of information for me to browse! Thanks again!

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This is an excellent report focusing on the contributing factors of the nursing shortage. Although it is an Australian report, from cruising this board it seems that many, if not all, of the factors apply in the USA as well.

This report was commisioned by the New South Wales Nurses Association (our union here in this state) to present to the Industrial Commision who are currently hearing our case for a 15% wage claim. It was an independent study carried out by the University of Sydney.

As of RN of 20 years experience I agreed with every point made in this report. Well worth reading!

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Thank you so much aus nurse. great report... the issues in Austrialia are almost identical to those in the United States. I found it to be a very informative read!



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I think the union voices nurse's concerns the best... try this link:

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Thanks Sleepyeyes.... the site was great! Was able to get some very good information!.....


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