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I believe some of the nurses here are into research. Is there a research corner?

heres my question

We know that there are sensory nerve cells in the soft tissue and pain can be felt if you cut a piece of a tissue. Okay, I have been thinking, during the birth of a child the umbilical cord is part of the fetus' body, does it hurt the fetus during cutting the umbilical cord?

The second important questions is

"Does men have Post natal depression?" and is this question been researched I would love to see the study?

Calling on to the research nurses.

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oh my gosh!!

I didn't know that the nursing research corner sure does exist.

What can I do to move this thread over to that corner ( pointing) there.

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(I posted this in the other forum, but I figured I'd repeat myself...)

I can't answer on fathers' post-partum depression, sorry.

There are no nerves or pain receptors in the umbilical cord, so cutting it does not hurt the baby.



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I don't think men get the pp depression women do because they don't experience the hormone changes that a woman does after birth. There are certainly situational stressors involved with the birth of a child, just like with any other HUGE life change, but I don't think that makes it pp depression.

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