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My husband and I are wanting to relocate for my career, to gain more experience in a bigger city with cutting edge facilities. I am currently working in a Level 2 Trauma center in the Neuro Trauma ICU. We are a 12 bed unit that cares for TBI, ischemic/hemorrhagic stroke, craniotomies, AVMs, spinal cord injuries as well as multi system trauma and other diagnosis. We care for a wide range of patients. I am wanting to be somewhere in a Level 1 trauma center with cutting edge facilities and program. I would like to stay with both neuro and trauma whether it be in the same unit or floating between the two units. I have a huge passion for both and am wanting to further my education in one of these areas.

Does anyone have any suggestions on areas we should check out for relocation? What hospitals?

We are currently looking at Houston, Tampa and Dallas but would love more ideas and feedback on hospitals and programs.



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There is a great Neuro ICU, as well as a great Trauma ICU in Savannah, Georgia (Memorial Health University Medical Center). There couldn't be a more beautiful, romantic and affordable city to move to.


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Dallas has only 2 Level I trauma centers- Parkland and Baylor. Don't know about how cutting edge Parkland is for Neuro ICU but, they do have a world renowned reputation for trauma.


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Carolinas medical center, Charlotte NC.

If you need any info about the area etc just shout!

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