Need Phlebotomy advice please

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Hello! I am new to the site and I am considering enrolling in a phlebotomy course at a local college. I live in Tx. I just want to get as much info on phlebotomy as I can. For example do you have to be licensed in Tx to do phlebotomy or just certified? If you do this profession do you enjoy it,does it pay good? Any help or info anyone could give me on the profession would be great!! Thanks in advance! Heather

to be a phlebot in TX (i live in TX also) you just need a cert. There is a near by college that does it as a "continuing edu" class, it is a 9 week course (i think, it may be a whole semester, don't really remember, i called back in June and i still have baby brain).

Thanks for the info! I wasnt sure if a license was required or just a certification.

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