NEED NEW PROGRAM! WFs Are Now Ws, No Readmission to Current Program

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This past semester, I experienced a personal hardship, that forced me to leave nursing school. Because of my sexuality, I was kicked out of my household, and had to have WFs in my nursing program. Today, I received word that my WFs have been converted to " Withdrawals", and I have been able to salvage my GPA... It is now a 3.26, with all of my first year of nursing school courses calculated with that... However, I was not denied readmission into my schools nursing program. One of my professors quoted, " I do not believe he shall be successful in this, nor any nursing program..."

I have taken Fundamentals of Nursing(Aka Intro to Med-Surge) B average, Pharmacology(Two Semester of this Hell), passed first semester with a B and second with a C, Psychiatric Nursing with a B, and Womans Health/L&D with a C... I was finishing Advanced Med-Surge, and Gerontology....

I was in my final year for my associates, in GA. I was supposed to graduated December 7th, 2012. I have reestablished myself here in Miami/Fort Lauderdale Florida. I am originally from Atlanta, and left in April.

This is my dream to be a nurse, and to be so close, and have to leave the program 4 weeks before the end of the semester, and 8 months before graduation is killing me. I have done so much over the course of the last 2 1/2 years, and killed myself to make this dream a fruition.

Can anyone suggest a nursing school? Is there any school out there, either in South Florida, or GA, or anywhere in the nation that is still taking applications for fall or spring, that would be willing to continue my education?

I have applied to schools down here, but they take time to hear from them and coordinate with them. Please, I need other options all over the nation. I do not care where it is!!!! I just want to realize my dream, join Doctors Without Borders, and become the best damn nurse I can be.

Anyone, with any suggestions please respond...

I have come to far to end it now, even if I have to start completely over... I want to finish this! This is my dream!

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