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I am an RN/BSN with 4 years experience in a large hospital. I have charge experience of an 90 bed unit, as well as precepting new nurses and students. After relocating to another state I am searching for jobs. I would like to stay in the same general area of practice-ob, l&d, nicu and have found jobs and applied for them but get few if any call backs. It seems if there is a nursing shortage at least someone would want to interview me. When i left my old job I showed my resume to the manager and nurse recruiter and they said they thought it was great and she didn't think I would have any trouble at all finding a job.

I don't know if I should call the hospital and if so how do you politely say, "i have experience why won't you call me?" The one callback that I did get, the lady has now dropped off the planet and doesn't respond to my voicemail.

i am starting to feel as if this nursing shortage is somewhat self created by hospitals.

any advice?


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I think it really depends on the area of the country you are working in as to how "acute" the shortage is. Some larger states may find it easier to get call backs. I have never really had an issue finding simple staff nurse positions. Also depends on how many places you have applied it, if its 2 or 3 , it wouldn't surprise me if it took a while to call back. Some places depending on how efficient their HR dept is and whether it is the nurse manager who calls to set up the interview or someone else. I have applied at hospitals and didn't receive a call back for weeks - by then I had accepted another position. Also, it doesn't hurt to call the hospital, you have applied at and ask to speak with a nurse recruiter. I would ask about their current openings and state my experience - the goal is to get info about the facility. You never know there may be a perfectly good reason they have not called - possibly they are interested in internal candidates, position has been placed on hold, they aren't ready to start interviewing until they have several candidates, the manager who typically interviews is on vacation, they have the luxury of hiring a less experienced candidate (ie can pay less money) ... Anyway, don't get discouraged yet.


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Come to SE Oklahoma and you can hve a job tomorrow in L&D. I am having a horrible time finding experienced L&D nurses. I am currently having to use an agency nurse and the price is killing my budget!

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