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I am in a Psychology class on the internet and we meet in a chat room one night a week and do an assignment....after we do our discussion one person is supposed to type it and post it. Well, in my chat it seemed that one person didn't seem to be pulling her weight. It was her turn to type and when I aksed who was typing she popped in that she had to work. I just stated that I wanted to make sure everyone did their share and that i would be glad to do it if she wanted to take up the slack later on down the road. She cam back with "I'll do it!!" Then when there was no chatting for about 2 minutes she said well I have a pen for motes so lets go. I left my group. I told them that I thought I would go ahead and do this assignment on my own and would probably continue to do my own work because i really just wanted everyone to do their share and did not need the attitude. I felt like she was basically riding our shirttails to get her grade. What do you guys think? I believe I did the right thing, but what would you have done? I did write to the two who had nothing to do with the situation and apologized and told them how i felt. I also wrote my teacher, but i did not mention specific names....thanks for letting me vent


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You were absolutely right for notifying your teacher. I take it this is an internet course through your school?

I would have mentioned the other student's name to the teacher because if that student does that to you then they probably have done it before.

How do the other students feel about what this person is doing and is their work hurried and unorganized? I don't think I would want that person holding my grade in their hands and would have probably done the same thing to make sure that my grade was what I deserved, not a low grade that someone else hurried through to get!!

Talk to the other students and find out how they feel about keeping this person in your group and then approach the teacher. Just a thought!!!


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I wrote to the others, but we are allowed to do the assisgnments individually and I don't want the others in my group to suffer, but if I do my assignments then the grade is in my hands and not someone else who rushes through, ya know? I would rather be responsible for my own grade...A+ so far in there.....hope to keep it...

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