Need to interview someone of Native American culture...


Please feel free to answer as many as you can and any experiences you may have....Thanks!!!!

Native American Cultural Assessment


1. What language do you prefer to communicate in?

2. What is your native language/dialect?

3. How do you like to be addressed? (Mr, Mrs, Ms, First Name, Nick Name)

4. What do you consider a proper greeting?

5. How would you describe your communication style? (quiet, reserved, loud, use of silence)

6. Meaning of common signs? (OK, V sign, thumbs up)

7. Is pointing insulting?

8. Is eye contact okay?

9. How would you like objects passed or handed to you? (upright)



1. Who lives with you?

2. Who are your major support people?

3. Who raised you? How did you grow up?

4. Occupation in native country? Present?

5. Did you receive any education?

M igration

1. What is your country of birth?

2. How many years have you been in this country?

3. Would you like to discuss how or why you left?

4. What is your ethnic identity?

5. Where do you call home?

6. How or why did you leave?


1. What setting did you grow up in? (urban, suburban, rural)

2. Can you describe the reservation or place you resided in? (distinct features)

3. Did you have schools, stores, hospitals, public transportation near by?


1. Is religion important to you?

2. What is your religious affiliation?

3. Do you have any cultural/religious practices? (deaths, weddings, births)

4. Do you use any religious icons in home or on person?


1. What types of foods do you prefer?

Health / Illness

1. What are the health / illness beliefs?

2. What are the most important things you do to keep healthy?

3. What types of healing practices do you engage in?

4. Common diseases in your culture?

5. What are the customs and beliefs concerning major life events?


1. Time orientation: Past Present Future

2. Are you on time to appointments?

3. Do you have clocks/watches?


1 . Do you have any activities/Hobbies, you like to do on your spare time?


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I am not Native American, but my husband is, and I can see this is likely for an assignment, so I'm not sure if my answers will help you since I am responding quite a bit after the posting. Also, I cannot help but point out that the Migration questions are somewhat a moot point especially if interviewing a Native American unless they are of mixed heritage. If you still need some answers, please let me know.