Need input on university of North Alabama RN to BSN to MSN online program

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ok so i am having chest pains dealing with this rn to bsn issue (meaning finding a program)..but i think i may have found something here and would like some input.....i am considering university of north alabama for the rn to bsn program ....its $684 for a 3 hour course but the best part is i can complete one semester of the bsn program then apply to the msn program and get 1 semester cut off the msn degree in the the end ill be able to obtain my bsn and msn ....i want my msn regardless and will obtain it somewhere....i would love to teach and they have the option of focusing on leadership or teaching within the msn program...i would love to hear some feedback on this program or maybe just someone to slap me back into reality.....



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I cannot speak directly to the RN to BSN to MSN program as you mention; however, I know of several nurses who worked night shift obtaining their BSN online from UNA and had very good reviews and recommended the program highly. They received their degrees about 5 years ago. Hope this helps somehow in your decision making....

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