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Need information about providing proof of employment

Hi, i am eligible for rpn exam. But my evidence of english prof. Outstanding. I am working as a psw . How can i submit my evidence proof as employ. Anybody have format ?

dianah, ADN

Has 45 years experience. Specializes in Cath Lab/Radiology.

I am not quite clear on what you are asking for.

Will you please clarify?

Did you review the CNO's 'Language Proficiency: Indicators' ie 'currency, comprehensiveness, application, reading, writing, listening and speaking'? Did you show your employer the 'Language Proficiency: Indicators'? Is your employer able to verify that you demonstrate all of the indicators in your PSW job?

I need format to submit language prof. I called CNO , lady told me mention indicator . I know indicator. I need a format to mention whole experience. How can i prepare i need help. My agency told me submit format . Where i findout format , i try to findout CNO that no clearly mention. Please help me . Thanks

I don't understand what your agency manager meant by telling you to submit the format. Your manager needs to write a reference letter that includes your name, their relationship to you (your manager, supervisor etc), how long you have been employed with agency, what your job description entails. The body of the letter should give detailed descriptions of your ability to work in the English language and include specific examples of how you meet each the 'indicators' as a part of your job.

The letter needs to be on your agency's letterhead and mailed from your employer in their business envelope.

Did you already submit a written request to CNO asking them to consider your evidence of language proficiency through your employment as a PSW? Did your letter include the name of your employer and manager? Is CNO expecting a reference letter from your employer?

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