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I recently took the NLN PRE ADMISSION EXAM P.N and i got a composite score of 112, Im not really to sure how to read this thing but i was wondering if any of you knew if that is a good or bad score, also what do nursing schools usually look for in these scores, i applied to a small community college program where you enter the program as a nursing srudent and then after the first yer you can either go the LPN route or ADN route....Any help would be appreciated


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Hi, I was wondering the same thing -- I just received my scores today. This is the second time I took the NLN test. The first time I took it, my counselor said my scores were too low. We only have less than 20 nursing spots here in Hawaii for my Community College, and those who select the students only look at grades and raw composite scores. The first time I took the test my composite was 136 -- this time it dropped to 130. So I'm a bit bummed :o -- but hopefully having a 4.0 GPA will balance things out.

I guess all schools have their own particular minimum requirements. Some schools in the mainland look at the AD composite percentile and require a minimum of 50%, others require 70% and some schools require a composite of 100. So it all depends on your school. The NLN scores are only one part of the things they look at. If you have excellent grades in all your prerequisite courses, you're probably higher in the selection list than those who are pulling a 2.0 GPA but get 140 on the NLN.

Good luck to you -- Aloha !!;)

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