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How competitive is admission to Samford's School of Nursing? Any idea what GPA is necessary for admission?

Specializes in Critical Care, Cardiology, Hematology,.

I just grad from the program. it is not that hard to get into. however, they do alot of weeding out.


Thank you for the information. I would appreciate any thing else you may have to add. Did many students actually drop out of the program? Which classes are the most difficult?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I had a friend recently in the program, and she ha nothing good to say about the program. She failed out her first senested and so did most of her class. She was not happy with it one bit. I believe she said out of the 30 or so that was admitted- only 8 or 9 progressed... Barely!

Specializes in Critical Care, Cardiology, Hematology,.

Well we started with a few more than 70 and finished with 33 graduating. like futurernjap said most of the weeding was done in the fist year. the senior year was much much more tolerable, I actually worked about 20 hours a week along with school and did ok with it. Most actually failed as apposed to droping out. you just had to put in alot of time into the program, expecially that junior year. however, I feel that they did a great job preparing me with having close to 100% pass rate every class for nclex.

they did do a great job at helping me make it through. I got very sick one semester and they cut me slack and let me make up alot of work, any other program would have failed me. I took test in teachers offices because I got distracted by other students. they also would talk to me for hours going over test or even helping me with the next test.

they have actually changed the program some since I graduated so some of the classes are differant. but it is the same for every nursing school. the hard classes are Pharm, the Adults, foundations. the easy ones are management, research, stats. I tried to set it up so i would have 2 hard classes with 2 easy ones ever semester.

And granted... My friend was a single mother, so there were distractions that otherwise, she might would have succeeded. Has anyone heard about west Alabama?

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