Need info on Butter soft scrubs


Does anyone wear this brand scrubs? I need to know if the sizes runs big or small on tops and bottoms. Thanks!


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I think they're true to size. I'm 5'5, 125 lbs and wear a small in both pants and tops.


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I bought two pair and thought the pants ran large. I must caution you about the pants. I don't buy them anymore because the pockets are too shallow. My stuff kept falling out and I imagined losing something important, even my keys. Also, I found that they could get really wrinkled if I forgot and left them in the dryer, even for just a short time.


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I have two pairs of these scrubs and would say that their sizing is pretty accurate :)


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Thanks for the reply, just wanted some real input before I decide if I want to make a purchase or not.


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I think they are pretty true to size, and I really like them.

However, I do agree with caliotter that SOME styles do have very shallow pockets. I have one style that does not have this problem, however.