Need Hunter info-Please help!!!


Hi All!

Im new to this site. Anyway, I have applied to the Nursing program at Hunter for the fall semester. I am scheduled to take the NLN exam in 2 and a half weeks so really nervous, because I hear all the time how difficult it is to get in there. I want it SOOO BAD! Anyway, while browsing this site, I happened to see some posts regarding a WAITING LIST to get in!!!!! I feel sick! What exactly does that mean? How do they decide who goes on the waiting list or whatever. Any info would be so greatly appreciated! Also does anyone have any advice for the NLN exam??? I am currently taking Microbiology and Organic Chem. and finding it difficult to study for this stupid NLN exam what with work and my other subjects!

Anybody else applying to Hunter for Fall??

Good Luck to everybody who is trying to get into Nursing school!!!!!!

V :D

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