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I woke up this morning and found out I got accepted by 2 schools! All morning/afternoon I was debating which school to attend and finally when I said no to one school, they were telling me why their school is better than the other. After much debate I told them I had a misdemeanor on my record and how to go about that. Here's the bad news. They took back their offer. :crying2: I previously told them about my record before and they insisted I continue with the application process and tell the director once I was in, now that I was in, they take it back. I'm sad and worried and lost. The director said it'll be extremely hard for me to get into any schools because hospitals are being more strict than ever. I feel so hopeless and I don't want to waste anymore time. I will get my record expunged this week and see what happens in the future. Has anyone else gone through this? I have a misdemeanor for wet reckless driving. Sigh.. I have never been so depressed.

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Before you do anything else, I would suggest calling your state board of nursing. Tell them about the charge you have and your plans to have it expunged, and then ask if it is possible to proceed. In particular, I would ask them if there is a section in your state's nurse practice act that deals with prior convictions. Then, armed with this information, you have some foundation to stand on when you speak with schools.

In my state, it is possible to have such a conviction and still be licensed. It is a bit of extra paperwork, and you have to indicate the conviction to the board of nursing as well as write them a letter, but it can be done. Your board could give you the specifics. Best of luck to you! :specs:


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Thank you for your reply. I actually did contact the BON and they said they can't review my case until I apply for the NCLEX. They suggest I continue with school and further my education and do volunteer work/rehab programs, which I currently am.

Thanks for the encouragement. What state are you in? I may just have to move there, hahah. Here's hopin!

Has 3 years experience. that case, I might try to schedule an appointment with the director of the other nursing school and explain the situation. I know the director of my school was very knowledgeable about telling my class what would and would not fly when it came to applying for NCLEX. Just be upfront and ready to explain what you have done (and are doing) to remedy the situation. Having a professional letter typed up explaining your plans to have it expunged, etc. might not be a bad idea either. Whatever happens, it's better to be honest at the start, because nothing would be more heartbreaking than to find out at NCLEX time that it's a no-go.

Hope everything works out for you!