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Hi everyone! I applied for a CNA position last week at a facility I would love to work at. I was going to call to follow up on my application but their website says to correspond through email. So I was thinking I would just send an email instead, however, I have no idea what to say. I am new CNA and already have a job that I haven't started yet at my clinical site so I don't have any experience. I would appreciate any advice. I know I should probably state why they should hire me but I am at a loss for words and where to even start. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Just state that you are following up on your application. If you have other work experience, you could perhaps use the qualities you needed for that to "sell" yourself; such as team work, compassion, customer service, dependable employee, etc. Let them know you will treat all co-workers and residents/patients with respect. Maybe also something about how excited you are to be entering the health care field, and feel sure you would be an asset to this community and look forward to hearing from them. I hope this helps, you probably just have "writer's block" :) Probably just following up with move you a little higher up in the app. pile and anything you can use to sell yourself will be even better. Good luck. I know it's tough out there- keep us posted.


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Thanks so much. I think part of my problem is that I have been a stay at home mom for 8 years so it has been a long time since I have had to do this.


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You then have great skills; time management, patience, ability to remain calm in stressful situations, etc. :)


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I'm going to play devil's advocate on this one. :)

Remember, the purpose of the email exchange is intended to get you in the door for an interview.

I would NOT elaborate on any particular skills you may have or may not have at this point. Your primary goal is to get an interview. Nothing more - nothing less.

Don't give away the horse until you arrive at the meeting. Simply indicate you are an interested and "qualified" candidate for the position. (Let them think about that...)

Leave them wondering what you have to offer them but suggest you ARE the "solution" they are looking for. Give them just enough information to think about something without elaborating on anything in particular.

Remember all the "answers" they are seeking are intended to occur during the actual interview. Don't be afraid to make this fact known to them if they should ask additional questions. In fact, it's best if no questions are asked prior to the interview at all. If they should ask questions, just simply respond you are happy to discuss this and all their other questions with them in person at their convenience. Respond to any questions asked with this line: "What time would be convenient for me to come in and discuss this with you?"

Simply follow up explaining you are looking forward to detailing all your training, skills and experiences etc during the interview. (Your primary goal)

It's not particularly appropriate to discuss any of your "compassionate care" information prior to the interview in my opinion. (Remember, you do not want them "making a decision" prior to the interview occurring.)

Remember when you learned about the percentages of information retained and occurring by the receiver during non verbal / verbal communication?.. Well since it only largely occurs in person, there is no point in trying to covey this information "electronically" anyways. It's not as effective through email. You get one shot to make an impression.You want to be as effective as you can - not ineffective and wishy washy.

Some places may view this "extra" information in a follow up letter as "inappropriate" and may actually reject your application.

Be direct, short and sweet in your follow up response.

Remember, The actual purpose of the follow up letter is to "prompt" them to arrange the actual interview with you... that's it.

Tell them you are excited about the job prospect and you are looking forward to meeting with them in person for "your interview." Tell them to call you... Be specific. Don't make them find your phone number on your application form.. give it to them right there in the response. Request they call you to arrange the interview so you may discuss how you can assist them with "their staffing need" Present yourself as the "solution" to their problems. ... Keep repeating the word "interview" in your follow up letter. Make a phone call to verify they received the followup letter if you don't get a response. Tell them during the call that you are available to come in to speak with them. BE SILENT. The idea is to use silence to force them to reply to that statement.

Save the "sale" for the actual interview. In the meantime, give them something to "think" about. YOU and only YOU. Be unusual in your approach. Don't ever follow the crowd.

It's proven advice.. take it to the bank.. or to the hospital for that matter :) Good luck.

My Best.

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