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Any Veterans Hosp. employees? I have an interview for LPN Primary Care and need advise.

Any interview tips?

and what are the benefits.

Do all VA's have the EDRP benefit?

Is that for past/currently owed student loans?

Do they have a tuition benefit that pays for current RN courses through Excelsior?

How much does family insurance cost?

I have a good job right now but have been trying to get on at the VA for over a year. I don't want to go to the interview and look like all I'm only interested in is the benefits. but I do need to weigh out the pros/cons of leaving a good job. So I want to go in with that knowledge so I can focus on asking questions about the actual job.

Any tips and info is greatly appreciated. And I would also like to know how your experience has been working at the VA.


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