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need help on understanding scenarios for practical test!

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Hey! I have a practical comming up next week and i have been doing so much research based on these scenarios trying to figure out what I am going to be asked to do!! I was wondering if anyone could help me!... any ind of feedback would be greatly appreciated... these are the scenarios...

Martha had a bowel resection one month ago, she was re admitted to the hospital for treatment of an incisional wound infection, medically she is in a fib and has type 2 diabetes.

Mark is 5 years old, had an appendectomy 7 days ago. His mother brings him to the clinic to be assesed and treated based on these symtoms; he has a fever.

Suzie has arrived on the unit following the removal of her gallbladder, she is in pain. she has a trach and requires heparin.

Im wondering if the first two scenarios would need a catheter inserted?? I am not sure, I know that one of the skills we are going to be asked to do will be to demonstrate sterile technique... maybe what would be some laboratory and diagnostic tests that would possibly be ordered for these patients??? what kind of assesments.. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Here's my first question. What do you think?

In the first two scenarios what would indicate the need for a catheter?

When it comes to labs, look at what is going on with the patient. What labs would you draw on someone who has a fever or infection? Diabetes? Heparin? A-Fib? (think Hematology, Chemistry, and Microbiology)

What are common procedures you may perform on someone who is post-op? Has a trach?

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