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hi everyone! I need help deciding what to do for my major. I am almost done with my prerequisites for a RN, but I am debating going into accounting instead since I've always liked that as well. I just feel that nursing will take a toll on my body way quicker physically and emotionally. I had also planned on getting my masters in health administration so I feel that nursing or accounting would both be good routes to get experience before I get the degree and I can avoid beds altogether.

what does everyone think about this path? I just don't want to f*** myself over and not be able to get a good job. I know accounting is always a good career too and I don't mind the type of work it entails.

if it helps, I'm 26 years old and I live in the Bay Area and fall is my last semester before I decide which path I will take .

This is a major life decision that strangers just can't make for you. Beyond that, most people on this site are nurses and may not know enough about other fields to compare them.

I will say that nursing is a broad field, but many jobs available to new graduates are physically strenuous. You are right to consider the toll it might take on your body, especially with your preexisting issues.

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