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i need help

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by chris travis chris travis (New) New

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can a tourist visa holder take his/her oath taking in the US? im planning to wait for the results for the dec 2011 NLE in america. im not sure if i will pass and just incase i do, what ca i do in america? help. pleasee.

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caroladybelle is a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

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Having difficulty understanding your question.

A person with a tourist Visa cannot work in the US. When you came over to the US with a tourist Visa, the expectation of those granting that privilege was that you would return to your home nation by its' expiration.

You must hold some form of Visa that permits you to work in the USA, a green card or an H1B, etc. New grads do not generally qualify for H1B, as requires a speciality and there are very few of those available, as the USA has a glut of nurses looking for work. It is roughly at least a 5-7 year wait to get a green card due to retrogression. And, one is not permitted to "jump the line" by coming in on a tourist Visa...it is not fair to those trying to do this legally that are waiting.

In the USA, one must take the NCLEX to be licensed to work as an RN in the stateside, even with a green card. While state by state, it varies as to what else is required, NCLEX is required all over the USA.

Thus, to my knowledge, unless you have taken the NCLEX and passed, passed the other requirements, been granted an RN license and have legal working papers, you really can't do anything as far as working as an RN.

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iamnomad has 5 years experience and specializes in Acute Care. ER. Aged Care/LTC. Psyche.

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the only thing you can do in the US is to enjoy your vacation.

if in case you passed the NLE, the results of which might be released few weeks from now, and you're here in the US, try calling the nearest Philippine consulate and see if they can officiate your oath-taking.

as far as registration as an RN here, i doubt that you can pass all the requirements with still a valid visa. Immigration officers give 6 months at most for a tourist to stay in the US. After that you have to leave. RN licensure on average takes 6 months to a year, depending on the requirements (IELTS/TOEFL, CGFNS CES/CVS, criminal background checks, then the NCLEX).

to be honest, immigration as a worker, whether temporary or permanent, is very difficult. almost impossible. The processing time for green card is like 6-8 years. H1B work visa is not for regular staff RN. It's for specialty occupations. And with a lot of nurses finding it hard to be employed (yes I know a lot), it's gonna be a very tough battle to find work for foreign nurses.

so just enjoy your stay. you need the rest anyway after years of schooling and the board exam.

hope you'll have a positive NLE results.

and just another advice: if you want to work abroad as a nurse, gain some experience first in the Philippines. Improve your skills. And never look at working in the US as the gold standard for nursing. You'll never know what's in store for you in other countries if you'll just set your mind in one place.

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