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Need Help here????

hello guyz...

i got a prob here:eek::eek::eek:...i am a registered nurse here in the philippines, and just passed my nclex rn as well, i will be applying as an immigrant in canada... i went to cic (canadian immigration consultancy) to ask what are the procedures and requirements and they told me to take an ielts general not academic...

im so confused right now :confused::confused::confused: what exam will i take is it general or academic???coz i've heard to one of my friends that nurses should take academic if they want to apply abroad... thank you so much and input will be highly appreciated...:redbeathe:lol2::redbeathe


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Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

I believe academic is accepted by CIC, you will have to have academic for the college of RN in the province you apply to

Thank you sooo much Silverdragon... appreciate it sooo much... Ill take academic then instead of General... Thanks

hello, PJ Congrats to your success..hope you will still coming up here and visits this thread!! so you will be able to read my message, first of all i am so amazed how much FAITH you HAVE in our Almighty GOD,,,HE is really a GOD of LOVE and KIND to THOSE who has FAITH in HIM with all their HEARTS,MIND and SOUL..i read all YOUR POST and its seems to me that you are so NICE PERSON and one of KIND to HAve a HEARTS like yours,,!!GOODLUCK to you and to your FAMILY..GOD BLESS you!!:saint:


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