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I am a first year nursing/psychology student and i have was just wondering how nurses and others in the healthcare team communicate with one another(what method and various methods), and also what the importance of this is?!?

if anyone could give me a hand it would be greatly appreciated, any veiws and ideas are welcome and of great help!

thanks alot

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Verbally and written in the chart. What do you mean? It seems like such a simple question.


The Psych will definetely come in handy for your nursing biggrin.gif! The answer to your question (which is actually quite involved) is this: We optimally comminicate verbally and in writing. In this "new" info age, we utilize faxes and e-mails instead of those "memos". The other thing is that we DON'T communicate well enough or often enough much of the time. Nurses to nurses, docs to nurses, nurse to patient, hospital admin to peons(oops,staff). Generally, my opinion is for ALL members of the team must communicate to effectively give good,solid patient care.

Hope that helps. Good luck in scholl emma!


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