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I am not a CNA (yet). I do in-home health care for an in-home health care agency. Basically, we do light housekeeping -- but the welfare of the patient is still our responsibility (altho' we do not give meds, of course!). This patient I had a few days ago had the beginning of dementia. Her short-term memory was not at all good. She was a fall risk. She wouldn't eat. I had to keep reminding her to put in her 02 in her nose. Day 2 she became very verbally abusive, on top of everything else, and she took a double dose of wayfarin (her pills were in daily pill boxes, but she would mess around with her meds and there was no list of meds/what dose/what time, so I had to rely on her to take the right meds at the right time). I knew the double dose of wayfarin wouldn't kill her, and I immediately reported it to my boss -- but it shook me. If anything happens to these patients, WE (in-home health aides) are liable. And we got NO training (2-3 hours while the 'training staff' basically talked about the company). The agency also wants us to take these patients in our own car to the store and to the doctor, etc., and the agency tells us WE are responsible if we get in an accident. And I'm scared. This is an awful lot of responsibility for untrained people. I want to quit. What do you think?


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Well if you can see if you can transfer try that. This is a tough economy right now and work is hard to come by. I would say find out who your boss' boss is and explain the situation to them. Maybe try finding other work while you still work with them so you dont lose money

good luck

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