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i need help on all subject for teas taken 2x HELP . i really want to be a nurse


Hello pre nurse or nurses ,

i am 25 male pre nurse and i have a few questions hoping that you wonderful people can answer. i have taken the teas 2x now and i am going to take the practice teas exam in november 2012 before or after thanksgiving. i am taking it with the teas coordinator at montgomery college takoma park. i have all my priority classes taken care of and the only thing that is holding me back is the teas v. i really have a passion when it comes to helping ppl out regardless of how long i know them. i really want to be a nurse i think im destined to be one but i do get discourage at times. any resources, anyone offering free tutoring help or suggestion would be nice. resources im using teas v study guide which is no help to me to be honest , nursing book, english, reading barron book and online websites provided by the coordinator of teas .

both of my teas were terrible.

reading 62

math 66.7

science 47.9

english 60

2nd time

reading 54.8

math 83.3

science 43.8

english 60.00

ANY HELP WOULD BE USEFUL I REALLY WANT TO GET IT FOR THE SPRING SEMESTER. planning on applying for chamberlin in virgina if i dont get in for takoma park. thank you have a good day by the way good luck to everyone that got accepted this year:)

Have you tried looking at NVCC in Springfield campus. They don't require a science section, and you will only need a 78 % on each section at least to apply to the nursing program.

Still, you could improve those scores, and look at your weaknesses and focus on improving them to pass the TEAS next time. I know there are tons of practices online that you could use.

I am as well struggling with the reading section. Hopefully, we both pass next time and get into nursing school:)

Sadala, ADN, RN

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Do you have the booklet and did you sign up for the online prep tests? Both of those helped me immensely. If you know everything in the book, you are good to go. And if you do the online prep tests, they will specifically show you what you need to study.

I did very well on mine, but I'm sure that wouldn't have been the case without the prep. I took college algebra about a hundred years ago, so I really needed all the info about which portions of math I needed to relearn.

Also, there is a free website called coolmath.com. That is where I went to relearn the areas of math I had long since forgotten. The Teas V prep manual gave me all the info I needed for the science portion.

Hey tempbesty313,

I'm writing back to you to give you just a few hints for the TEAS. OK, so...

Today I took the TEAS test again. I went from a 62 % to a 76 %. I almost passed by 1 point, I still can't believe it. I'm just going to keep practising until my next test time. But, a few tips I can give you are to remember the questions you miss on the TEAS first time and second time, jot them down in a notebook and try to do them. I know it sounds a little hard, but if was able to, you can do it too. Also, TEAS tests don't vary a lot if you take them within a month or too, otherwise they are basically the same questions. I also think that that the TABE test reading portion can help you since it's very similar to the TEAS, and you could practice on that. Anyways, if you need help just send me a comment. Please don't give up. If I can do it, you can too.

Good Luck