Need help with studying for the HESI entrance exam.

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I am taking the HESI entrance exam next week and was looking for a free study guide that had some practice tests. If you know of any sites that might be able to help me I would appreciate it.


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If im not mistake the ENTRANCE exam I took was HESI based but it focused just on basic math and anatomy. I cant give you any specific book but if your know those things you should be ok.


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Buy an NCLEX study guide. Read it. Remember it.

Is the Hesi like a Pre-SAT for nurses? Silliness.

Why do we demand such smart and good people just to burn out and throw away? This society throws away it's best people and then wonders why it is so sick! IMHO our system deserves to fail. Too bad people on both sides are all caught in the middle.


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Good luck on your HESI exam. This is the only site I know off that offers a free guide on all the sections beyond math.

What semester are you trying to gain entrance for? and what school?

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