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Going to give a history of my situation and then ask for your help.... :/ I graduated with my BSN in 2008. I worked at a doctors office for about 3 months and left to go to work at a hospital (med-surg unit) because I didn't feel like I was being challenged at the office. While I was working at the hospital I found out that I was pregnant. I ended up having a rough first trimester and had to be admitted for dehydration. Things didnt seem to be getting better as I went into the second trimester and plus becoming anemic (9.4 hgb). So after talking with my husband and my manager we decided that it might be best to resign. So I did after only working there for 4 months. I left on good terms. My manager even said she would rehire me when I was ready to come back to work after having baby.

After having my son I decided to stay home for the first year. Well the time is approaching when I will be returning to work but this time I would like to apply for a mother baby postion. My concerns are this: should I put both the doc office and hospital jobs on my resume even though my work history is so short? will they frown upon me only working 3 months at one job and then 4 months at another? what should I put for the gap in work? should I say I was a stay at home mom? I am really confused as how to update my resume. Any help would be greatly appreciated? Also, what could I do to make myself stand out? I have even thought of maybe taking some educational course online.

Thanks in advance! :)


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First off, you sound awesome. Do your resume justice and put the facts in place. When you speak with potential employers, tell them the truth. I think in this profession, if any, employers understand time off for kids. Good luck!


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Absolutely be honest about your work history. You have legitimate and compelling reasons. If you can use the old manager who offered to hire you back as a reference that would be good. Plus you can use your trying pregnancy as a factor in your desire to move to a new specialty.


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Bless your've been through a lot!! Definitely include your nursing jobs on your resume. I would include a cover letter explaining your situation so your potential employer will understand why your length of employment was short. I would make sure all my certifications were current (BLS, ACLS, etc) and consider joining AWHONN, which you could include on your resume. Good luck to you!!! :)

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Thanks for all the postings. I will take everyone's advice. Now I just need to update my resume. But I have another question... should I get other certification like NRP or just wait to see if I can get on a mother/baby floor?