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I have a project I am working on for school and was wondering if someone would answer a couple of questions? Any help is appreciated.

Is there a higher level of caring from you and other nurses to chemotherapy patients versus any other patient who doesn't have a terminal disease?

How does a caring and holistic approach to oncology patients impact the course of treatment? Outcomes? Therapeutic relationship?

How important and beneficial is the nursing caring role when treating chemotherapy patients and their families compare to other nursing virtues?

What caring actions do you perform to improve your patients health outcomes?

Based on your experience with chemotherapy patients, do you feel that your degree of caring, such as your degree of emotional, informational, and practical support, is directly related to the patient's clinical outcome, and their family's level of patient care satisfaction? If so, why?


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As both an instructor and an active oncology nurse, this is an area that I am passionate about.

1. I think that oncology pts receiving chemo, who might be looking at a terminal prognosis deserve the best caring attitude and compassion. A pt who has his hip replaced will be out on the golf course in 6 months and will have probably forgotten all about the back rub or the extra cup of coffee I provided. My chemo pt will likely be back. Again and again. Any extra gesture I can do, any care I can give is likely appreciated and remembered.

2. Our chemo pts often get very close to their nurses and vice versa. It's why we practice primary nursing, so that bonds can be formed, and they don't have to "tell their story" for the zillionth time to a new nurse. We know what's going on with our pts, and are able to support them through the good and the bad. Makes for better care, better outcomes. Holistic? You bet- the warm blanket, the "field trip" in a wheelchair to sit in the sun- because it may be the last time you smell the fresh air, the pt's cat smuggled in to visit? All of that is the extra layer of care that I believe our chemo/onc pts benefit from. My pt with the hip will be home in a few days. My chemo pt? Maybe not.

3. I'm not completely sure what you mean by "other nursing virtues", you mean like other characteristics of nursing? Again, I admit I am biased. Our chemo pts may not make it- they deserve my 100% effort and care. When I am caring for them, their needs (pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, etc) are my priority to attempt to treat/relieve.

I know, I know, those of you who aren't onc nurses may argue that ALL pts deserve this- I just think the ones for whom time may be short, don't have the "luxury" of waiting for me to get off my bum to care for them.

4. I think I listed some of the caring actions I'll take (as most of the nurses I work with too) But anything that we can do- order trays for the wife who doesn't want to leave her hubby or child. Had a hospice pt this week that we pulled the curtain and his wife spent most of her time snuggled in the twin bed by her dying husband. "Do not disturb" sign on the door. Allow unlimited visitors- we have no "visiting hours" on our floor. Our pts are almost never on restrictive diets.You get the idea...

5. Are outcomes better? Pt and family satisfaction better? Absolutely! We will have family members come to us- esp. this time of the year with goodies, cards, letters, etc long after their loved one passed and just say "thank you for taking such good care of ...... We miss him so much, but you made him comfortable, you helped us though one of the most difficult times." etc, etc. It's why I'm still in oncology after 26 years- incredibly intense. Hard. Rewarding. We CAN make a difference, we CAN support the pt, the family. We CAN provide symptom relief. Our pts and families know we truly CARE for them and about them. That's what keeps me going when the father of 2 little children is dying. The priest who everyone loves, passes away. I made a difference. Re: outcome- this is cancer- I may not make a single difference in the outcome, but I can in the journey getting where my pt is going.

(Sorry this is so long!) :kiss

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