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i am a student on my last clinical placement... i start in a big hospital in oncology/haematology on tuesday.... i'm really worried abt wat to expect... :chair: any one who can give me any info at all would be so appreciated.. are there going to be so many deaths... what should i do to prepare myself.. help please


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I have a friend who works Heme/Onc and she absoloutely LOVES it. She does not see a lot of the deaths, simply because a lot of the oncology patients she takes care of end up going to hospice in the end (not sure if it would be the same in Oz).

She takes care of patients who come in for Chemo, patients with blood disorders such as Hemophelia, and Sickle Cell (lot of SCC in our area), and some who have surgical treatment for the Ca.

She says it is also a lot of patients who are getting outpatient treatment and then develop fevers of unknown origin, or other types of infections due to the lowering of resistance that the body can have during chemo.

She tends to have a lot of repeat customers (Sicklers) and really enjoys getting to know them...

Hope you will have a good experience.

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right now I'm doing Oncology/Medsurg floor and I was kinda nervous like you are. But its really not bad at all. Actually I like it better than some other clinicals I've been on. Its a small floor, 14 patients, so we arn't scattered all over the place. The nurses are sooooo helpful! One is actually going back to school to teach at our school when she graduates and she makes sure we see everything we need to (including a postmortum :stone )

So far I havn't had a patient die on me, but I figure its a part of life and very much a part of the nursing role that we help these people through their last stages of life. There is a lot that patients go through during these times and I find it an honor to help them where I can even as a student.

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