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Hi Nurses,

Maybe this is not the right forum but am not finding a suitable place to post it. I humbly request your help and guidence for my baby.

My son was born on 6th of May 2017 00:55 hrs Indian Standard Time. Since then he is on ventilator support.

As per doctors here his lungs are not expanding without support. Doctors started with normal ventilator support with minimal settings and then moved gradually up through CPAP, intubation and finally High frequency ventilator. His FiO2 remain between 80% - 90% for maximum time.

Gradually it did came down within range of 30% that was 4 days back when doctors tried extubating him and tried CPAP again.

He did not coped well and his breathing rate remained over 80 for many hours and then he has to be reintubated on normal ventilator.

As of now he has been moved back again to High freqency ventilator and his FiO2 has mounted up to 50%

All his xrays, cultures, Scans are looking ok.

Please suggest how should i help my poor kid.




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If you can, express your breast milk for your baby for when he's able to eat. Take care of yourself, try to eat and drink plenty of water and get some rest. When you're with him, talk to him in a soft voice. He knows your voice and that will be comforting for him. As he gets better, hopefully you'll be allowed to do more care for him.

Tx tallynurse,

He is on 30ml every 2 hrs feed expressed by mom. He is passing urine and stool also adequately.

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Hi there. I'm so sorry to hear that your little one is not doing well. Unfortunately per the terms of service on this website, we cannot offer medical advice. Your best resource will be the nurses and doctors taking care of your baby. Perhaps you can ask them to sit down with you in a conference in order to go over everything that is going on.

I wish your baby a quick recovery

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How difficult this must be for you and your family!

babyNP offers excellent advice for you at this time.

While we are fully sympathetic to the situation and to his condition, not being right there and able to ask questions -- and per the Terms of Service -- we are unable to offer any comments as to what to expect and what is expected.

Agree that your best resource is to request to sit down with some of the staff (one of his MDs, a nurse, possibly a chaplain) and ask questions and be able to discuss your son's condition with them.

Prayers given for you and your family, and for improvement in your little one.

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